Did you know that because of the untreated tap water in your home...

Read on to learn about the consequences of limescale and the importance of water treatment at home!

The consequences of limescale deposition

In Hungary, drinking water networks predominantly supply medium-hard to hard water, and the limescale that accumulates can cause very serious damage. You can see it in your bathtub, faucets and household appliances. Limescale stains sanitary ware and taps, and has a sealing effect.

A hard layer of limestone forms a coating on the heating element of the washing machine, dishwasher or kettle, so it heats up more slowly. The lower efficiency of the heating element means that more energy and additives (e.g. detergent) are needed to achieve the desired result. Scaling also builds up in the pipes and other parts of the appliances, drastically shortening the life of the appliances.

Hard water is not only harmful to machines, but also to humans. Bathing in hard water dries out the skin and the ends of the hair; and the limescale that builds up on the hair causes it to lose its shine, become dull and lackluster. The minerals of hard water (e.g. calcium and magnesium) cause our hair to stick together and flatten.

The use of descaling chemicals is not good for your appliances nor the environment. Therefore, it’s worth focusing on prevention rather than after-the-fact repairs. We offer a wide range of individual solutions for the installation of household softener systems, so you can choose to install a central softener system for your whole house or use individual, smaller units that can be fitted to taps.

Excellent water quality in your home

The composition and quality of drinking water varies from region to region, and even from municipality to municipality, across the country. Although our country meets the EU standards for home water purity, there may be substances in the water that need to be disposed of. Garden well water can even contain sand, silt, agricultural pesticides, detergents and petroleum residues.

Centralised water purification systems or filtered water purifier jugs can remove 99% of contaminants, resulting in drinking water that is better tasting and better quality than mineral water. In addition to its impact on the human body, the purity of water also affects the quality of hot drinks and food. Food made with pure water is tastier and richer, and the flavour of tea and coffee is enhanced by filtered water.

We adjust our unique water purifier equipment to the water quality in your home, ensuring perfect water every time. Our purification systems are highly recommended not only for households but also for catering establishments, restaurants and cafés. The purification units can also be combined with water softeners for even better results.

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